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Time Honored Formulas is Back Online

We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences with our website. Our server suffered a terrible outage keeping us down for over 6 days, and it took us a lot to get hold of the technical support necessary to reconnect the server, so we were not able to process any orders online or receive the emails on a timely manner, our website is currently back on and we have taken extra measures to prevent another outage and keep our servers on.

We really appreciate your patience and we value our customers. Even though this may be consider a very common issue, in a pandemic time when not all workers are physically on site this disruption has cost us valuable time and most importantly the satisfaction of our customers.

After this experience we identified a number of things we should be doing better, like the way we communicate with our customers during a service disruption, so we will continue improving our protocols and work in conjunction of third-party monitoring services to avoid this kind of problems in the future.

Thank you so very much for your patience and we really appreciate all the emails and comments of support we have received from you during this outage.

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