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Notice of Credit Card Payment Changes

Due to online changes in compliance regulations, and to bring tighten security in line with best practices at online transactions, the bank terminals are applying new protocols for online transactions. These new policies for the use of credit cards and debit cards on online platforms are more strict with the only intention to thwart unauthorized card usage.

Now the transactions online that do not have the EXACT information registered at the issuer bank will be declined instantly. The developing team is working to provide a more user-friendly form to input the private information while complying with the required layers of security. In the meantime, incomplete names, wrong zip-codes/postal codes or old addresses will no longer be accepted into pending status.

To avoid a declined transaction, please make sure to put the name as printed on the card with the exact billing address associated with the card.

Name Doe
1230 567 9876 5462
12/ 99      125
SHIPPING/OLD Address St., State, Zip-code

Name INIT. Doe
1234 567 9876 5462
12/ 99      123

BILLING Address St., State, Zip-code

We apologize for all the inconveniences, but we hope you understand that we cannot override these changes, these protocols are being implemented by bank entities for your own protection against fraudulent activities online. It only takes 1 typo on the name, a wrong CVV code, or if the billing address of the card does not match the information provided by the bank the transaction will be declined immediately.

Ancient Formulas, Inc. has been in business since 1984, and we appreciate all our loyal customers who have supported us in all these years. We have tried diligently to continue supporting our customers even during these difficult COVID-19 times. If you need us to walk you through the checkout process you can reach us at our free toll numbers +1 (800) 543-3026 or +1 (855) 216-3002 and our friendly staff will gladly assist you during our office hours Mon-Fri from 8:am-5:pm Central Time.

We are really glad to serve you. Thank you for your patience.

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