No. Time Honored Formulas, sells food supplements only and is NOT licensed for pharmaceuticals. We do not manufacture, sell or trade any type of prescription medicine or pharmaceutical drugs.
We are not qualified or licensed to provide medical advice or to answer any medical questions. We urge you to contact your healthcare provider for any questions you may have regarding the compatibility of any medication and supplements you may be taking. As you cannot rely on product descriptions or label information as a substitute for advice from a physician or health care professional, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any diet, supplements, medication or exercise program. Full Disclaimer.
Time Honored Formulas follow the regulations regarding labeling of products and cGMP practices. All of our vendors are qualified and we randomly perform testing for purity, microbial and identity on incoming raw material and finished product per FDA regulations. Time Honored Formulas products contain no added wheat, corn, rye or other grains which may cause an allergic reaction.
Yes. We follow the regulations and guidelines by several departments of government and are regularly inspected by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), Kansas Department of Agriculture and also the Sedgwick Health Department. We are committed to good moral practices and pure natural healthy products.
Yes. Ancient Formulas, Inc. follows all FDA guidelines and regulations for cGMP compliance, including random testing of incoming raw materials and finished products. We also qualify our suppliers of raw material and consistently purchase from the same suppliers in order to ensure we are receiving the same premium quality raw materials. We also test our finish products for purity and potency by the manufacturer's and other independent laboratories.
We do not have any products in softgels, we use Vegetable Capsules ONLY in all our Time Honored Formulas products.
VCAPS and VCAPS Logo are registered trademarks of Capsugel, now a Lonza company, specialized in biotech products. Vcaps® capsules are the first generation vegetarian capsules,  non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free and preservative-free, made from vegetable cellulose. You can learn more about Capsugel on their website.
It stands for Non-Genetically Engineered/Non-Genetically Modified Organism; by definition, all organic materials are Non-GE/GMO, but Non-GE/GMO doesn’t necessarily means is organic.
Non-GMO doesn't mean that is organic, it only stands that the produce has not been genetically enhanced or modified, but it can still be treated with exogenous aid, for example a natural grape plant, planted in enriched soil will provide grapes with seeds what makes it Non-GMO, but the nutrients placed in the soil or the use of pesticides makes it not organic; a seedless grape plant will provide grapes with no seeds, meaning that the plant was genetically engineered to have no seeds, by the use of modern biotechnology and molecular biology to introduce new genetic material, or delete or alter existing genetic material, making it a GMO. Yet organic does not allow any GMO for produce, meaning that no plant, animal or organism has been genetically changed and artificially enriched, but instead have been grown or farmed without the use of any exogenous aid, artificial chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. Following our previous example, the natural grape plant that hasn't been altered genetically, is planted in bare local soil with no more nutrients that the ones already present in such soil, if the plants survives, it will provide grapes with seeds and is classified as organic since it was only exposed to natural nutrients and contaminants, free of any artificial additives.
Our clients are the ones deciding what they want to purchase, whether it is a single bottle or a bulk. We do not have a minimum order. If your order is shipped through UPS ground, then there will be a flat fee regardless of the number of bottles purchased. Any order over $250.00 will have free shipping within United States territory UPS ground. Orders shipped First Class and Priority Mail through the postal service will be charged according to the weight, dimensions and destination.
Yes we do! we are expanding our market to over 100 countries worldwide. Please note that shipping costs varies per country, weight and dimension of packages. All international quotes are set by USPS. If you want to print your own labels with any other carrier of your choice you can also make your order by phone or Email.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will provide a refund for it as long as it remains unused or unopened within 30 days of the purchase. We will offer the refund based on the original method of payment. You can request a return through our website using our Contact us form, or by phone calling to our friendly staff. Please read our Return Policy since certain restrictions apply. We do not give credit or reimbursement for shipping expense.
All shipments will be processed and shipped the day after payment is successfully approved. Shipments are usually sent UPS ground and are picked up on a daily basis at 5:00p.m. UPS ground shipments are usually received in 2-5 business days, depending upon the destination area. If requested, we can ship through the postal service, either first class (if the package meets the weight requirements) or priority. Priority Mail should be delivered within three (3) to six (6) business days and First Class varies depending upon destination. Ancient Formulas, Inc./Time Honored Formulas will not be responsible for shipments sent through First Class Mail.
We try to process all orders the day after they are placed, so changes or cancellations may be made until noon, 12:00p.m., of the day following placement of orders. If you requested same day shipping, there will be no changes or cancellations accepted after placing the order.
Sadly we do not offer translation services, and all our products are labeled in English Language only. Relabeling a product is illegal both domestically and internationally so if you want to use your own labels on a custom product please use our Contact us form to discuss it directly with our directives.
Yes you can! You may use your own labels ONLY if we custom manufacture for you. All labels must comply with the FDA regulations regarding labels. You have to provide the labels you want in your product before the manufacturing. If you are interested on our custom manufacture you can Contact us to discuss it directly with our directives.
No. We do not provide this service.
You can use our password recovery system at the link "Lost your password?" at the bottom of our login section; write your username or Email to receive a link to create a new password.
Yes. You can go to "My Account" section and edit at your will all your Account Information to keep it update; by using our website you are bounded to keep it true and accurate, please read our Privacy Policy.

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