Shipping and Delivery

Last Updated: This Policy was last reviewed on June, 2020.


Shipping flat cost per order is $13.50 within United States territory via FEDEX Express/Ground. If customers request a different shipping service as available USPS, then the product will be shipped entirely at the customer’s expense, at the rate set by the shipping company they choose. International customers will be responsible for all charges associated with shipping, including but not limited to, transportation charges and customs fees. Shipping to other countries will always be calculated using the most economical service for the customer. We regularly use the U.S. Postal Service, but the customer can choose any other options like FedEx. We commit to ship the order within ten (10) business days. All our orders will be shipped from Ancient Formulas, Inc. Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. once the payment of the order is successfully approved.

All shipments will be processed and shipped the day after payment is successfully approved. If an order is placed during a weekend or a holiday, it will be processed the next business day available, if we are out of stock for a product the order will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days. Shipments are usually sent by FEDEX Express and are picked up on a daily basis at 4:00 pm.. Central Time. FEDEX shipments are usually received in 2-5 business days, depending upon the destination area. If requested, we can ship through the postal service, either express class (if the package meets the weight requirements) or priority. Priority Mail should be delivered within three (3) to six (6) business days and Express Class varies depending upon destination. Ancient Formulas, Inc./Time Honored Formulas will not be responsible for shipments sent through First Class Mail.

Our packing material is 100% Eco-friendly biodegradable, the packing peanuts are made out of corn, they start disintegrating at contact with water at a very low carbon footprint for the environment, and the cardboard boxes are also recyclable and made with recycled materials, all orders are packed in the smallest or more convenient container available, with packing peanuts to isolate shaking and temperature during shipping transit. If by direct request of the customer the order is packed in a different way for special packaging request such as no peanuts, plastic wrapping, plastic bag instead of a box, etc. and the cargo suffers damage during transit due to bumping, tossing, humidity, or extreme temperatures exposure, Ancient Formulas, Inc./Time Honored Formulas will not be responsible for the damage caused to the products packed, and by requesting special packaging the customer agrees to accept all responsibility of damages caused in transit for their request.


The international shipping cost varies depending on weight and destination according to the USPS. Unless otherwise noted, free shipping offers do not apply to international orders. The freight costs will be displayed at checkout, based upon your items and their destination country. International communities must know that Business Days are defined as Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm U.S.A. Central Time, excluding National Holidays.

In some countries, the shipping companies may interface with local carriers for the final delivery of your package. Ancient Formulas, Inc. is not responsible for the trade the shipping companies may have in your country.


Ancient Formulas, Inc. is settled in the United States of America, so we are not aware or responsible for the other countries specific laws, regulations and restrictions, and we cannot anticipate or estimate country specific duties, tariffs and taxes that may apply to your order. Our international clients should be aware of their local laws that may impact our ability to ship their order and their ability to receive it. We recommend you contact your customs office to understand what regulations and restrictions may apply to the items you are ordering. Some products are banned or considered illegal in certain countries. You must check with your local authorities to ensure any products you are receiving are legal and do not require additional permits to collect. Customs may delay your order or even reject delivery, based on local laws. In addition, you may incur higher than expected import duties or tariffs, your order may not be deliverable, or customs may quarantine or return your order back to us upon their inspection.

Any duties, tariffs, or local taxes that may apply to your order are your responsibility, as well as, to research and understand your country’s fees and pay them once levied. Our prices do not reflect any of these additional charges. These fees are determined by a local customs office and Ancient Formulas, Inc. is not responsible for any such fees incurred. If you wish to work with your own carrier you can do so and arrange the pickup of your order from our facility. We are not responsible for how shipments are handled after leaving our facility.

International Customer Addresses

To avoid long delays in delivering your package, or a package being returned to us, please ensure your international address information is correct and includes a telephone number for the delivery carrier to contact you should there be an issue in transit.

International Distributor Information

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor of Ancient Formulas, Inc. outside of the United States, please contact us directly. You can send your company information to the following email address and our directives will get back to you: Send Distributor Email


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